Victor Anthony

“If you’re an artist, this work is essential. John has turned the act of self-examination into a profound experience that helps the actor to break through. What frequency are you sending out? Like a song on the radio… all actors have this message we are trying to communicate. This work dials in to that frequency with precision and makes your message crystal clear. And in today’s uber fast-paced world where no one has time anymore, it’s crucial to understand what makes you pop, what helps create that laser-focused performance, what drives your brand and to deliver that efficiently and unequivocally. This work helps you answer questions like, “Who am I? What are people seeing when they meet me?” or requests like, “Bring yourself to the role. Bring you to the material.” You become clear. You free yourself from doubts about what you do, which results in acceptance of who you are. And from that your confidence grows. And that confidence is what books jobs. Plus, the experience lasts a lifetime. Was it tough? For me, yes. For others, no. Either way, it’s one of the best things, if not the best thing I’ve done for my career and life. I wish I had found this years ago.”

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