Solomon Shiv

“The Niche: Finding The Niche is about more than simply learning the parts you best play. It’s about distilling yourself down to an Artist of specific and focused creative endeavors. It speaks to every part of your life. Once you have it, embrace and explore it. It will highlight your most important artistic gift. And it keeps on giving…in John’s Master Class, the value of knowing one’s niche is explored as you and your fellow students pick and perform scenes based on your personal acting themes. This is your own “Thematic Laboratory”. I found characters which I never thought would suit me because I could bypass my knee-jerk ideas of what I could play – knowing now what specifically to look for. Once I recognize it in a script {It’s quick} there is no arguing with it. I unlocked a whole new side of my potential and passion by going to my niche when picking roles. Everything else fell into place from there and was only improved by John’s guidance.”

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