Sarah Doudna

“Working with John has been, and continues to be, an inspiring and transforming experience. At first, I really hated my “theme”. In time, however, I realized that the theme showed me a lot about my capabilities, and freed me up to go for roles I never would have thought I could have done, and ones I could connect to on a deeper level. The day that happened was a gift. I love my theme now, and I enjoy exploring more and more aspects of it with each scene I tackle. Every class I am struck by something that rings true, whether I see it and experience it in myself, or witness it illustrated in a fellow actor. John has ability to intuit where an actor is, and what notes an actor is capable of best receiving. He also has a very low bullshit detector–he will not let you get away with the bad habits we all get into. If you want to become a better actor, John’s class will whip you into shape. You will quickly learn to analyze scripts, and bring them to life in a way that serves the play, serves the character, and ultimately serves you.”

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