Rachel Cora Wood

“Before I knew my niche, so many people in the industry said, “Awww you’re so cute, you’re like the all American girl next door.” Little did they know, or for that matter, little did I know, what I was, “The all American girl next door, who deeply desired to break all the rules of her parents and society. I am forbidden or Taboo love!” I am the perfect Juliet, Miss Julie, Black Swan, and so much more! Knowing the gold john helped me uncover, I finally felt whole. The way i advertized myself to the world completly shifted. Before doing my private session with john, I was blind. John was my Lasik eye surgent who finally helped me, and the rest of the industry see where I hit it out of the park!! Always! So don’t walk, run to Johns niche seminar and let yourself finally SEE!”

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