Krista DeMille

“I remember the side-shift that happened for me during John’s seminar, my reality widened. My private session with John felt like an emotional and confirming opening, someone was showing me another clearer way to my goals – self-governed and powered – and it felt incredibly thirst quenching. I began studying with him immediately, and it has completely changed my life. John’s unique technique is teaching me to craft my artistry and my ambition in a nuts and bolts way, while keeping my soul in the driver’s seat. His teaching creates empowered actors with an unshakable skill set, he insists we must demand that of ourselves. A member of his classes for six months now, I’m seeing it happen all around me. Every class he critiques our work with fresh, keen eyes; he is the first to jump from his seat in praise and is never afraid to give the hard truth constructively when its time for that, which I really appreciate. I am always able to directly apply his observations to improve my work. I am immensely inspired by his generous devotion to helping each of us reach our potential, and am constantly surprised by the simple, effective elegance of his technique. I intend to take every class he offers, repeatedly.”

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