Kelly DeSarla

“I had gotten to a point in my career when I was stuck.  I was worried about all the wrong things, like my age, my weight, if I was good enough, thin enough – you know, if I was enough.  And it really was hindering my auditions.  My first audition after taking John’s Lawlessness of Sides class was one of those auditions that would have, in the past, pushed all my buttons.  It was for a character who spoke English as a second language.  I didn’t have the appropriate accent “in my pocket,” and she was about 15 years older than me.  In the past, my demon voice would have taken hold, I would have gotten very careful and worried about how to “do it right,” and therefore would have felt small in the room.  But that was before I’d been Dapolito’ed.  Instead, I took the opportunity to be lawless.  I did not do the accent.  I did not try to play the correct age.  I made my choices and risked acting badly.  And, they loved it.  At the call back I was told they loved my energy and my attitude.  While waiting for the callback, the director of the film being cast next door walked out and asked me to cold read for the lead in his film, a character who is dealing with her mother’s suicide.  Did I panic. No!  I took a few minutes and did my lawlessness of sides homework, did the cold read and was present and fully emotionally engaged.  I haven’t had this much fun auditioning in over 10 years.  Did I just put those two words together in the same sentence?  Fun audition?  It’s a miracle.  Huh?!  Who am I?  Thank you, John!  You may have just revived my stalled career.  I can’t recommend this class highly enough.”

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