Karen Summerton

“John’s one on one session has changed my life, the information is powerful. The second I found out my niche, everything about my career became clear. Knowing my niche has created a booking explosion. My schedule is filled up with auditions, callbacks, and bookings; along with agent & manager meetings. Since taking the one on one session six months ago, I have booked a recurring role on a tv show, a pilot, two commercials, three independent films, and am freelancing with a team of agents. My career is exactly where I have wanted it to be since graduating college. If you want to change your life, listen to what this man has to say. I am so grateful to work with him, and you will be too. . .he is the first teacher to finally tell me the truth. My Auditions: Applying the actable phrase technique that he teaches in class, makes me feel confident about my auditions.”

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