David Goryl

“Wanted to share a few things with you…your weekend was very powerful, and caused some shifts in my work…and my confidence. After your workshop I was scheduled to do an agent showcase…I’ve done the showcase 3 times now, and have gotten 5 meetings with agents so far – all offering representation. Finally had an audition, and could put the Lawlessness to use. It was for an indie feature…the first time through, I rocked that shit…I got the callback, and met the director last week. After the first take, the director said “I loved watching that. So much going on, subtle; let’s try it again this way.”…so I gave him what he wanted, all while being lawless. He loved that take as well…then asked me to play for a 3rd time, and yet another tactic. Needless to say, I played at an 11. That room was mine…short story long…just found out I booked the job. Thanks again…I’m looking forward to continuing the practice of Lawlessness.”

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