Ava Himmel

John! You are the absolute best!!! Thank you so much for coming to LA to teach your intensive. When you spoke about not booking a job in 3 years because you knew how to audition “too well” that really resinated. I’ve been so frustrated with myself and my lack of bookings. I knew I had talent but I just couldn’t seem to land anything. I could feel that my auditions were too safe but didn’t know how to fix that. Well the tools I learned in your class are game changing! Last week I had my first theatrical audition since your course. I followed the Lawlessness of Sides steps and BAM – I booked it!! My first theatrical booking in years! Plus preparing the material was so much easier. And even though it was my first audition on a big studio lot, I went in with a new found confidence. I can not tell you how grateful I am to have found you! Doing the Acting Niche last year changed how I view myself and what I bring to the table as an actor, but the 8 class intensive is getting me back to work! I am telling anyone who’ll listen about how amazing you are! Especially my actor friends in NYC. Please let me know the next time you do more classes in LA. I’ll be back and I’ll be bringing everyone who’s smart enough to come with me.

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