Andie Karvelis

“You amazing, wonderful, insightful genius! I could just kiss you! I had my session with you in NYC back in late January and your words to me when I was leaving the follow-up session were: “Andie, you better do something with this because this is such a good one.” Your words did NOT fall on deaf ears, dude.

Before I go further, let me say that session with you was the best damn money I ever spent!!!!!!! I am eternally grateful to Suzanne Rydz for pointing me in your direction as well as spending the wonderful hours and hours I did with you. You are bloody brilliant! I realize that I am one of the fortunate ones since my fishbowl moment and compensation fantasy are positive things but I never would have seen it HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR YOU. I left my follow up session and listened to your advice, I scoured Google for packaging. Tubes, boxes, envelopes, origami etc….nothing seemed to click. Over a week went by, then another, still I hadn’t found IT. I didn’t even know what IT was, but I knew when I saw IT, I would know. I had the envelope but the “swooosh” was missing. I needed my damn Swooosh!!!!! Then it hit me as I was doing something online completely unrelated, I saw a photo and I went: EUREKA! That’s it!!!!! I immediately called a girlfriend who is a fierce artist and explained to her what I was after, showing her the picture I found and she took that concept and morphed it into my ‘swooosh’! Her drawing was IT! Finally, it clicked and that symbol she drew for me is on my envelopes, postcards, business card, etc….
Okay, so maybe that’s not sooooo uber exciting for you, it was for me. But wait……there’s more.

After I left you, I had this glorious information. A clarity, as it were and a new approach to marketing myself as an actress. And holy &%#^* crap, John!!! What a gift! In February, I booked a short film with Christopher Gorham (Covert Affairs). Know what it was? A Causatious Quest!

In March, as I was packing to move to LA I booked another short film. Know what that was? A Causatious Quest! I moved out to LA in April and 4 weeks later I booked an episode of All My Children! Guess what my role was…..go on, guess. *laughs* Since I’ve been in LA, Ive started classes and got new pictures done with my Causatious Quest in mind. I was sitting in an acting class doing a “type” session with the teacher and other actors, mind you, I had NOT shared my “Causatious quest” with them. How could I have? I had only met this group of people maybe an hour prior. As people as “typing” me, the teacher of the class speaks up: “Yeah, she is all those things you guys listed but you know how Andie strikes me? The woman who is always fighting the system.” I just fecking grinned because she pegged it. She hit the causatious quest and I didn’t need to say bupkuss. Someone else pegged it too by calling me: Erin Brochovich part 2. Just amazing.
Had I not gone to see you, I might have very well heard these things and went: “What the hell are they going on about? I don’t get it.” Because it was SO in my blind spot, but since I’m aware it’s there I get giddy now when people just hit it and I don’t have to tell them. Because it’s all there, in me, my energy and YESH, it IS recognizable by those around you. Thank you very much. You are an effin’ genius and already I have told several people that if they go to NYC, they have to come see you. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!!!”

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