Alex Alcheh

“I spent the first 4 years out of my college program scared to audition. Occasionally “bringing it”, but mostly being a “solid” auditioner, a pleasing auditioner and not booking the role. Then a buddy of mine told me to take an intensive with John and for the first time since college I was reinvigorated. My love for what we do was restored. My belief in myself restored and my lawlessness ignited. I recently had a big directors session and instead of feeling that fear and acting good enough, I did what I was taught. I auditioned for John.I had my catchphrases in play and I took the ride and was lawless as hell and I booked it. This man understands how to ignite the fire inside you that may have become dormant because of how hard this business can be. He makes you feel that it is possible, that you have the talent while never ever settling for mediocre work. I urge all my friends in NYC/LA to run to study with this man. If you want to get better and put food on the table, run to John. It’s just that simple.”

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