Script Secrets of the A-List Actor, Writer & Director


A master script class for working professionals. Here John takes the entire production team into the heart of the script as intended by the author.



Product Description

This is THE BLUEPRINT for the entire production team from actor to producer, as intended by the author. If you really want the “tricks of the trade”, John lifts the veil here in this class and reveals exactly what to look for in each script’s “blueprint”. Here John strips away all the boring Ph.D. non-sense and offers us gut-level insights into the architecture of the play…tools that actually work “on the job”, rendering the archaic teachings of modern day academia and café intellectuals completely obsolete. This is a“how to get it done expertly” class.

This class meets bi-annually for a 3-week period. John works with plays that are presently scheduled to be mounted on Broadway or Off-Broadway so that the student has the opportunity to compare the staged-production with the author’s intent. An amazingly insightful journey for sure.

  • The Question and Resolution: What is the author explaining and has he/she concluded anything?
  • The Problem and Climax: what sets the action of a story and what moment changes the course?
  • The Character: The Actable Phrase – how to determine who the person is correctly.
  • The Intention: What are you doing and how to determine it correctly.
  • The Relationships: How each character actually sees and feels about another
  • The Tone: The note, pitch or pace in which a story is being told
  • The Style: The physical and behavioral attributes and demands of a piece
  • The Parameters: The set of guidelines the author sets him/herself to explore the question

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Upcoming Dates

May 10th
1:00PM – 4:00PM
Ripley-Grier Studios
520 8th Avenue, Rm# 16K
New York, NY