Private Session


The private session is a thorough 3-4 hour one-on-one session that absolutely determines your specific “Acting-Niche”.




The private session is a thorough 3-4 hour session that determines your specific acting niche – beyond a doubt. John uses a story-based popular-culture technique he developed over 14 years ago to ensure both accuracy and effectiveness. He has used this technique to the enhance hundreds of actors careers successfully. Read some their testimonials.

Lets be clear, the technique is not therapy, or even close to it. It is much more joyful in it’s style and always elicits the artist’s “Acting-Niche”. All information discussed within the session remains private (i.e. the “private session”).

The most important thing to remember is: do not try to “niche” yourself, and do not have a friend try to “niche” you either. Why? Because we all have significant blind spots, and these blind spots are very real. You need a highly trained, skilled, second party without bias to move past these unconscious blind spots effortlessly, and effectively. The private session affords you the opportunity to know beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt what you offer any potential filmmaker, producer, director, writer, agent, manager or casting director, because it’s based on your own true spirit. After all you are the product, right?

For any artist, the difference between having a private session and not having a private session is the difference between knowing your name, and having a case of amnesia – it’s that simple. Why would you want to walk around with amnesia when you could know for sure? Why gamble when you could know for sure?

After the private session, you’ll be in the driver’s seat for the very first time in your career from head-shot, reel, website, business cards and the articulation of just who you are and where you belong “out there”. You’ll be able to determine which producer’s, director’s, writer’s, agent’s, manager’s or casting director’s are right for you. If you have a team your entire team will now know which roles they should be targeting and packaging your entire career around. This is what conscious success is like over a 20 or 50 year period.

NOTE: The seminar is a requirement for the private session. It is imperative that you know exactly why, and what, we are exploring during the session.

To make a private session appointment, please inquire about our next “Acting-Niche” Phenomenon seminar in your area at: 212.246.6033