Master Class


This on-going (now in its 15th year) boutique acting class is the first of it’s kind exploring each actors “niche” while developing the actors craft.



Product Description

This is an on-going acting class now running over 15 consecutive years. One of the more outstanding aspects of John’s classroom is that his teaching style and techniques allow the actor to come to life in all mediums – television, film, and stage – simultaneously.

With John’s background as a playwright, director, actor and producer he’s able to give the student-talent a powerful perspective on what is necessary and expected of them while at “play” with a role.

This is an amazing environment to be in. The classroom camaraderie is truly astounding. The level of commitment and professionalism are of the highest caliber. And the bottom line is these actors work. Join John and come to life with his powerful new teachings, The “Actable-Phrase” technique and the “Jazz-Intention” of the character. These two new techniques maximize the development of the student-artist by dropping the old dogmas and offering refreshing new perspectives and insights on…

  • How to develop a character from scratch in the likes of Meryl Streep and Sean Penn
  • How to use improvisation within the frame work of
    the scene’s demands
  • How to recognize the “life-force” or better phrased, the “jazz intention” -vs- objectives The author’s intent is your best road map
  • The author’s clues are your sign-posts
  • How to play relationships correctly
  • How to quiet the inner-monologue a.k.a. self-talk
  • How to book the role – the lawlessness of expression; auditioning: what “they” really want
  • What listening really is, and how it creates drama
  • And so much more!

Everyone works, every class (20 maximum, plus 2 alternates)

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