This is a great question, and I love answering it – because this seminar is about you and your unique psyche, not the business. This seminar explores you as “the product” from the inside out. This seminar is about you as a creator coming from a place of inspiration and purpose.

Absolutely not, since 2003 I have encouraged all artists to attend this seminar, because the fundamental elements that make up our personal psyche have nothing to do with the art of choice when it comes to career, and creative direction. I have worked with dancers, photographers, directors, writers, fashion designers, opera singers, musicians, as well as actors. Even businessmen. Some people have even begged me to work with their moms.

Another great question and a respectable one because no one wants to be taken advantage of, including myself. I am a humble pioneer much like Stanislavski. I have studied Jung and Freud and consider myself a Jungian at heart. Neither Jung nor Freud had a “psychology” degree when they began their work, nor did Stanislavski, what they did have was an unquenchable thirst for the human condition. I too am blessed with that. What I’ve put together is a proven profile formula using pop-culture (it’s a lot of fun) questions. It is a non-intrusive investigation of you’re A-game psyche based on 25 years of discovery as an artist, and the personal revelation that clear behavioral themes are evident in all artists’ work – if examined closely enough.

There are two solid reasons why it is important. First and the most important reason you should never do this alone is the nature of repression. Repression keeps the individual from knowing, or accepting, key elements about him or herself (we all have a psychological “blind spot”). It is essential to have a highly intuitive and trained second party present to get at some very important hidden gems. [It is important to note here that I personally trained a colleague of mine, and then sat for a 4-hour private session of my own.] The second reason is simple; you want someone who can deliver the goods every time. You need your profile to be guaranteed. I developed and founded this work in 2003; the proof is really in the testimonials. Still some clients (very bright people) will try to “profile” themselves. Why, I don’t know – challenge or ego I suppose. But soon they find themselves in a maze of minutia. Then I get the call and we find the answer within 4 hours. What makes it even more alarming is how far off course their original “discovery” was. Folks the nature of repression is strong, don’t do this on your own, find me.

This question is actually a simple one. Because it is happening to you whether you want it to or not. It is your psyche after all. Whether you ignore it or not, it is in play. And it is manifesting. The question is time. Do you want to discover what you should have been doing for yourself 20 years from now, or today? Do you want to waste time, energy, and focus or do you want to get busy consciously manifesting its potential right now? You decide.