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Founded in 2003 by John Dapolito, The AWG-Program is a powerful look at each individual artist’s energy frequency and the extraordinary signal they are emitting 24/7. Think of it as a radio wave being sung out into the world. The only problem is – you don’t know what station you’re on. This is where John comes in. Through a cutting edge pop-culture technique, John Dapolito reveals to the professional actor his/her exact place in the world and in the business – what station they’re on and what songs they sing, if you would. Yes, it’s that profound. The entire process is designed to bring the artist into the light of self-realization i.e. the “acting-niche” and to consciously reap the rewards of this “golden goose” energy frequency.

psy·che (noun) a: Soul, Self. b: Mind.

It’s simple, the AWG-Program believes success starts at the level of the mind (psyche), and since the actor is the product, and that product – you – is the result of how you are thinking ( a 24/7 frequency) it’s best to know what’s going on. But do you know what your frequency is? Are you able to articulate it? Can you determine your own subconscious tendencies? Most likely not, yet this frequency is helming your life/career choices 24/7. Now, that’s a lot of time and energy to be choosing something unconsciously without reaping the rewards. Let’s change that, shall we?

This is where John comes in. John helps the actor discover that key information. What he calls the “acting-niche”. John then guides the actor to understand that key information, articulate it, and explore it creatively. Since each artist’s psyche is completely unique (like a psychological finger-print), the one-on-one private session makes perfect sense for the serious professional actor. Make no mistake, knowing which producers, filmmakers, writers, and directors you should be targeting narrows the field and creates focused attention, and that kind of attention creates opportunity and real results. The “acting-niche” dramatically influences your head-shot, reel, choice of clothing, confidence and ability to speak intelligently when asked, “What do you do?” or “How do you see yourself?”

Three Steps of Pop-Culture Profiling

So how does this work? It’s a three step process.

Step 1: The Intro Seminar | Duration: 2.5 hours

During this presentation, John explains exactly how the charismatic you is discovered – and it’s fun, too. Celebrity examples like Ed Norton, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Jodie Foster, Julia Roberts, Will Ferrel, Sam Rockwell, Bernie Mac and many more acting giants are explored. But most importantly we zero in on you.

The Intro-Seminar stands alone as a fun, deeply inspiring, and thought provoking evening that will have you talking and thinking for days, months and years to come. There is absolutely no pressure or obligation to move onto Step 2 simply because you have attended a seminar. Step 2 is for those attendees who wish to further their experience and journey as an actor/artist. Historically, 85% – 90% of all attendees choose to move onto Step 2.

Step 2:  The Private Session | Duration: 3 -5 hours

This private one-on-one meeting is an easy and non-intrusive journey into the actor’s psyche. This is not therapy. John begins by asking the actor a series of pop-culture related questions (easily accessible to everyone) that lead to the actor discovering what his/her “acting-niche” is.

Why is this acting profile so valuable? Let’s go off-campus for a moment and use sports as our metaphor. Think about Michael Jordan playing basketball. Amazing, right? Now think about Michael Jordan playing baseball. Do you remember that? Not so amazing. So – what makes MJ so charismatic with one sport, but just ho-hum with the other? This is the same problem every professional actor faces, isn’t it? How to determine (as soon as possible) the roles that will be their “charismatic-basketball” game, so they can avoid “striking out” in the majors.

Imagine a young Philip Seymour Hoffman wants to determine his acting profile and schedules a private session with John. The session would start with some pop-culture questions. The conversation would progress until the “acting-niche” – that charismatic-basketball player – is revealed. Through the system of questions and guided conversation, John is able to determine the “meditation-pattern” that is Philip Seymour Hoffman’s “acting-niche”:

Sexual Perversity & Addiction
Boogie Nights
Shopping & Fucking
Love Liza
Punch-Drunk Love
25th Hour
Cold Mountain
Owning Mahowny
Before the Devil Knows Your Dead

The power of this acting profile is that the guessing game is now officially over. The profiled actor is now able to articulate exactly who he/she is, and what he/she does. The profiled actor is able to choose charismatic material that perfectly suits him or her.

Step 3: The Follow Up

In the follow-up session, John works with the actor to ensure articulation and integration of the niche. Branding, industry targets, and roles are discussed. John and the artist go through role-playing to ensure that the articulation is clear. The entire process is a gold mine for any professional or up-and-coming professional actor. It takes the guessing game right out of the equation.

If you’re not working yet, but on the brink, or just plain serious about who you are as a working professional actor – come to The “Acting-Niche” Phenomenon seminar and see what the AWG program is all about.

See You Soon! –  John Dapolito
Founder, Actors! Where Are You Going? ™